Last Week’s Workouts

I love reading recaps of my favorite bloggers’ workout schedules because it gives me some  motivation and ideas of what to do in the gym.  I’m nursing a minor foot injury and a 2-week cold, but I still managed to get some solid workouts in last week. I’m participating in Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up 2016 challenge – so my workouts last week generally mimic the Week 2 schedule:

Monday: Workout 2 of WSU ’16 which was a 20-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of the below exercises (I modified to make it a little lower impact) + stretching

  • Squats w/ bicep curl —-> 15
  • Step Up to Upright Row —> 10 each leg
  • Walking lunges —–> 10
  • Bent over rows —–> 15
  • Chest press (w/ legs raised at 90 degrees) —-> 15
  • Jog/Sprint/Walk .25 mile

Do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes! I could only do 3!

Tuesday: 30 minute steady state on the bike

Wednesday: This Strength + Tabata routine and Plank Burner

Thursday: REST // leisurely walk into town with my husband : )

Friday: Workout 2 again (same as Monday!)

Saturday: 30 min Tempo workout on the elliptical (5 mins warm-up, increase and hold a steady pace for 10 mins, increase pace and hold for 5 mins, lower to your starting base and hold for 5 mins = 30 mins total!)

Sunday: REST // leisurely walk into town with my husband :  )

Overall, I felt really good about the week.  I feel so much better — mentally, physically, emotionally — when I exercise consistently.  It doesn’t have to be everyday, or even most days, but getting some movement always leaves me feeling better than when I entered the gym/park/yoga studio.

What were you up to this week for workouts?

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  1. good week of workouts! I, too, feel so much better when I get in a solid week of workouts- it’s so important to not let that be the first thing to go when you get busy!


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