Hi! I’m Samantha – but everyone calls me Sam.  In case you’re wondering, here’s a little about me.  During the day, I’m a New Jersey and Pennsylvania litigation attorney who reads, researches, argues and writes for a living.  I also love to travel and have spent as much time as I possibly can seeing every corner of the earth.  So far I’ve visited China, Japan, Mongolia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Jordan, Israel and Thailand.  Of course, my focus is always on the food : )  I love to be active, spend time with my husband, family and friends, and to spend my summers at the Jersey Shore.


{Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 2015}

Although I love my job, it doesn’t make up all of who I am.  I’m also a health-nut obsessed with food, cooking, and living the healthiest lifestyle I can.  I talk to anyone who will listen to me about health and food, and I have wanted to start this blog for a LONG time!  I am so passionate about the products and services that I use that I spend much of my time convincing everyone around me to try them, too.

I haven’t figured out the only way, the best way, or even a way that may be right for you.  I’m just here to share my experience in maintaining such a busy, stressful job while also keeping up with my health and well-being.  It’s not easy.  Some of my tips and tricks might help you either because you adopt them as-is or you come up with your own version of some of the things I’ve implemented.  I hope that along the way you will share your thoughts, questions, and concerns with me.  We can all learn and grow from one another.

I hope that you enjoy my take on how to manage a busy, professional lifestyle, while also maintaining your health and happiness.

If you are interested in working with me or having me review a product, service or restaurant, please contact me.  Media kits are available upon request.

Thank you so much for stopping by!